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Junior Section

Puttenham Golf Club nurtures and motivates its junior members encouraging them to enter internal as well as external competitions. 

Dean Lintott our Club Professional runs coaching sessions on a Saturday afternoon during the spring and summer seasons so we can fully engage with our ever growing number of junior members.



Colin Reardon our Junior Organiser ably assisted by fellow Puttenham member Colin Price along with our Club Professional utilise the Junior Golf Passport scheme, which is the national structured learning programme for children aged 6-12 years, endorsed by the PGA. This multi-layered programme progresses a complete novice golfer into a junior golfer ready for membership at a golf club.

In April 2019 the Golf Foundation relaunched the Junior Passport and Puttenham Golf Club was one of the first to get involved. This exciting new program includes progressive skills testing across all playing disciplines, where coach and student can work together as the young golfers improve week-on-week through the Passport’s pages. Coach and child can ‘stamp’ the Passport as each new technique is learned. 

A further new area focuses on developing ‘Skills for Life’, including an understanding of sportsmanship; while the ‘Milestones’ section is where boys and girls can record ‘first golf lesson’, first par, first birdie, first handicap, favourite hole, favourite golfer and more as their appreciation of the sport grows.





Junior Membership fees and details are listed in the Join Us section.

One of the benefits of Full Adult Membership is that your children or grandchildren who are aged 18 and under can become junior members for free.

So why not come and join us and join in the fun.




 To view our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy please click the following link Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy


Junior Lone Player Policy

To strengthen further our Child Safeguarding and Protection practices Puttenham Golf Club has introduced a Junior Lone Player Policy. The minimum age a junior must be to play the course unaccompanied will now be set at 14. We feel this is a necessary step as the North Downs Way and a number of other public footpaths cross the golf course.




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