Course Open (Buggies & Trolleys Are Allowed With Care Restricted Route Due To Frost) (updated 19 November at 07:39)

Hole Four

Puttenham Golf Club

Details for Hole Four



Justifiably stroke index 2, the 4th hole was for many years index 1. 401 yards all uphill requires two very good shots to find the green. A carry of about 150 yards over heather will find the lower slope of the fairway, with OOB to the left and a grove of trees and gorse to the right, the tee shot can be quite daunting. And even if you do clear the closer obstacles, there’s a fairway bunker (about 200 yards from the white tee) to catch any ball hit to the left, and another Oak tree guarding the right edge of the fairway!

The approach to the green can be a long-iron or even a fairway wood (depending on wind direction). It is recommended that at least one club more than the distance would usually dictate is used to take account of the uphill shot.

The green slopes mostly from front to back, but also has some deceptive undulations.

One bunker on the left side of the fairway about 200 yards from the white tee.