Course Open (Buggies & Trolleys Are Allowed With Care Restricted Route Due To Frost) (updated 19 November at 07:39)

Hole Fourteen

Puttenham Golf Club

Details for Hole Fourteen



Another short par 4, the 14th is the last of the “new” holes, and by far the easiest! A slight dog-leg right, big-hitters can sometimes reach the green with their drive in the summer months. There are two teeing areas for this hole – one for summer and one for winter (which straightens the hole somewhat).

The right side of the right-sloping fairway will give a better shot into the green, but be careful not to run off and into the hazard (sometimes under water) or the trees on the right side of the fairway.

The approach shot is likely to be a short- or mid-iron, and the green is protected front left and right by deep bunkers. If the pin is back-left, it’s virtually impossible to get close without a direct pitch at the flag, as the green slopes to the right, and any bump-and-run shot will tend to the right side.

Subtle borrows on this green, with a predominance of back-to-front and left-to-right slopes. Three bunkers on this hole, a pot-bunker front-left of the green (have fun!) and two bunkers to the right of the green.