Course Open (Buggies & Trolleys Are Allowed With Care Restricted Route Due To Frost) (updated 19 November at 07:39)

Hole Seven

Puttenham Golf Club

Details for Hole Seven



This hole was created from the short 6th and 7th par 4's from the old course, with a swathe through the trees to link the holes. At just under 500 yards, it’s not a long hole for a par 5, but still requires three good shots for most players to get to the green.

The tee shot needs to carry about 150 yards uphill to clear the heather and find the fairway, but even then you will need about a further 50 yards to have a clear view through the “gap” and down to the green. The second shot needs to be set out somewhat to the left, as the fairway slopes to the right, and a deep and nasty wood (between the 7th & 8th fairways) will trap any ball that sets out to the right – and recovery is tough!

The third shot should be a short-iron to the large green. If your second shot has drifted right, you will have yet another Oak tree to navigate before finding the putting surface.

Unless the pin is placed on the front-right of the green, this is probably the most difficult green to read, as a slope runs from the front-centre to the back-right with other subtle nuances. Three-putts are frequent.

One bunker, front-right of the green.