Course Open (Buggies & Trolleys Are Allowed With Care Restricted Route Due To Frost) (updated 19 November at 07:39)

Hole Seventeen

Puttenham Golf Club

Details for Hole Seventeen



Another fairly short par 4, but again, not an easy hole. The drive is to a fairly wide fairway that slopes right-to-left with the B3000 running along the left of the fairway, and a bush (growing on an old tumulus) about 180 yards from the white tees (that can trap a good tee shot!).

A gorse hedge runs across the fairway about 90 yards from the front of the green, obscuring the flag and the green. A good tee shot will leave you with a short- or mid-iron to the three-tier green. If you don’t want to fly the ball to the pin, the best approach is to aim well to the right of the green, and let the right to left slope take the ball onto the putting surface.

The green has three levels and multiple borrows. The mid-level is very small (about 2-3 square metres) and is usually the choice for the pin position on medal day!

No bunkers on this hole.