Course Open (Buggies & Trolleys Are Allowed With Care Restricted Route Due To Frost) (updated 19 November at 07:39)

Hole Two

Puttenham Golf Club

Details for Hole Two



The second is a testing par 4. An elevated tee gives you full view of the hole down to a rather narrow fairway. Another Oak tree will catch any shot that is short and left, and the carry to the fairway (off the white tees) is about 180 yards. For those gifted enough to control the direction of their tee shots, the right side of the fairway is the best place to be. However, it also carries the bigger risk, as a line of trees and bushes separates the 2nd hole from the 17th and will catch any shot that that strays too far right.

The second shot (assuming you’ve stayed reasonably straight!) requires a good degree of accuracy. Yet another tree guards the left-side approach to the green, and if the flag is placed in line with the tree, then you either have to try to fly over it or run up under it. And then there’s a large slope at the front of the green which catches any short ball, and sends it back down the slope! The green itself is quite wide and narrow, but relatively flat. There is also an up-slope behind the green, so you can afford to be a bit aggressive with club selection for your approach.

One bunker to the front-right of the green.